Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Roma! The Colosseum and the Vatican

The Colosseum 

Ha! Texting Gladiators... keeping with the times

Markings on the walls of the Colosseum 

Oh yes, and the crowds

Yes, not the real pope. He actually came after me for money after taking this!

Walking to the Trevi Fountain 

My coin in mid-air!

At lunch

The Vatican 

Inside the Vatican

Beautiful Mosaics inside the Vatican 

This is probably the most representative image of the day...

Painted to appear three demential, one of my favorites of the day

I'm surprised I was able to get this without someone in it. It was horrifically crowded!

Beautiful maps inside the vatican

The piata 

Amazing fabric carved in marble

Nuns driving

Nuns on a stroll

Duck a l'orange for dinner

My cosmopolitan