Monday, June 15, 2009

Boulder Farmers Market

Saturday, another rainy day in Boulder. I got some good images from the market though. There are really some very interesting people here...I wish there was a good bistro I could sit a with a good cafe au lait and watch people. I'm sort of a wallflower, I think people are fascinating.
Crayfish. This reminds me of Texas
I don't really like them so much to eat..they're sort of muddy, or can be.
We actually had them along the creek beds where I grew up.
Beautiful color though.
This man was crazy, he asked If I wanted his autograph.
Nice though, he told me I would have to come early, like 8am to get photos of the freshest produce, guess I might have to wake up early.

The Egg Drop. Love farm fresh eggs, They're more yellow than others. It reminds me of Round Rock doughnuts, which have a naturally orange color because of the eggs they use. Fabulous.

Love the color of these beets.
I tried some of the white ones, they were so sweet.

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Eric Skokan said...

Wow! great shot! Is it from the Black Cat farm booth at the market? If so, could I use it on our farm's website?