Sunday, April 29, 2012

Springtime in Boulder

The Boulder Farmer's Market is Amazing!

Zuke makes amazing pickled beets and kimchi!

Chautauqua Hike. Amazing that this is walking distance from my house! 

Bitter Bar on Walnut

Awesome painted wall off of Pearl Street

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Transparency and Reflection Experimentation

When I was attending Pont Aven School of Contemporary Art, I began to experiment with the idea of natural image layering using reflections and transparent media like glass. All of these images are naturally occurring; I haven't altered any of these in post. 

Disturbing the notion of inside and outside integrates and confounds temporal distinction. I found that you can observe people and be observed more discretely. I caught a couple people watching me photograph, it was interesting because I was photographing them and they thought that they were watching me unnoticed.  

As a photographer, sometimes you feel like a voyeur; it sort of turned the tables on me a bit.

I continued to work with transparencies once I returned to the states, and I've posted some of the image transfers that I did on my Conceptual Work page.