Saturday, May 5, 2012

First Friday on Santa Fe

Artist Studio Print Remnant 

I love to photograph fascinating people.

I love Talkdemonic. I saw them in Austin at SXSW.

The jar says "donate"

This man was interesting. He was wearing a vintage brazier.

This is his foot.

This was the back of the studio.


I love food carts. I hope to see this become more prominent in
 Denver/Boulder like it is in Portland. 

An interesting demographic of people come together over delicious food.

Crazy pedestrian women making a run for it. 

Santa Fe Blvd in Denver

Old Santa Fe Theater. Its abandoned and in serious disrepair. 
I see such potential in this building!
They should revamp it into something like the Alamo Draft House in Austin.
They show new movies and cult classics, my favorite time to go is when 
they have a group of comedians that talk over the film and make fun of it the entire time...
It's hilarious! I saw Twilight can imaging they had a plethora of comedic material there.
Plus they serve food and drinks.

BFA Show for Denver Metro. Some things were extremely mediocre in my opinion. 
Other things were pretty good.

The Artist.

Renegade Brewing

One Million Faces Photoshoot with Peggy Dyer.

Sense it was May 4th, there was a Star Wars Parade.

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