Sunday, March 4, 2012

Moving to France Part Two: From Paris to Pont Aven

Laudree. The Best macaroons! 

Le Seine 

View from my room near Le Marais, one of my favorite neighborhoods in Paris

The Bastille Tower

My frist day in Pont Aven (Bretagne) they had a vintage car parade. 
Pont Aven is a small, quaint town near the coast. Pont Aven School of Contemporary Art (PASCA) is located there because Paul Gauguin did a series of famous paintings in the area.

I walked this pier many times while I lived here, it was relatively close to my house. This area is famous for their moules marinières, some say they are the best mussels you can get in the world. 

We had a group dinner each week at Le Moulin. Their pizza was quite good, the crepes...adequate.

The man who owned this tiny store was super nice!

When you walk across this bridge, it smells exactly like bison grass...

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