Saturday, August 15, 2009


Pike's Place Market View

Berries at the Fremont Farmer's Market

Wall of Specimens

Delicious curry with sweet potato and spicy peanuts at Lola

On the Pier

Cioppino at Duke's

Fremont Farmers Market Carrots

Pikes Place Market


Hanging Lavender at Pike's

Flowers in Parchment at Pike's

Spillage at Pike's

Swirls at Pike's

The Very First Starbucks at Pike's...yum

Pumpkin scone cakes at Pike's

I just got back from Seattle, Vancouver, Victoria and Whistler this last week. I took So many photos! I'm actually a little overwhelmed by the sheer number that I need to go through. I'm pretty proud of some of the things I got though. I'm actually considering making an entire book of just this trip and/or the food photos I got. (Pikes Place and Granville Market!) Here are some of the photos from Seattle. It was extremely hot there, It actually broke an all time record of 103 degrees!

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