Friday, June 26, 2009

Royal Arch hike photos and talk of Paris

I went on a hike to Royal Arch several weeks ago, which was pretty challenging by the way...basically like climbing steep stairs the entire way. I loved it though...beautiful. I found some amazing flowers and whatnot along the way:

I find this wood fascinating!... it's so geometrical

I played with this in color and a lighter black and white

but I liked this contrast. It reminds me of a portrait

...just of a flower not a human

I took a biology class last semester and this reminds me of

a condensing circuit in a neuron. I'm so proud of myself...

applying my schooling to everyday life. ha ha

These petals were to delicate and fragile.

They remind me of porcelain

This was an image from Royal Arch. This photo had a really ethereal quality that I love,

due to a foggy haze that was hanging over.

Exciting News: I made the Dean's List at CU!

I used to be a pretty mediocre student, I'm

telling you...It's so rewarding to actually put myself into my work.

Oh, off subject...I just watched Bazaar Foods Paris. I love it! I want to go

to Maille (the mustard store) I have a weird thing about trying different

mustards..maybe you could call me a mustard connoisseur. ha ha

Paris is such a perplexing place..The first time I went I was so overwhelmed

with culture shock. I'm from Texas and people are so extremely friendly,

Parisians are just different, it's not a bad thing...I'm happy

that there are so many different cultures, if everyone were the same

the world would be so boring. Anyways, I want to go back to Paris!

I love France and Europe in general, I'll do a post soon with

some more photos from my trip.

I wish I had my photos from Zermatt in Switzerland. One of my favorites.

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